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You need the right kind of equipment to rely on when your job is tough. Coyote Trailers has a reputation for providing high-quality truck beds and trailers to ease your tasks.

Coyote Trailers was founded in Leesburg, Ohio, and we have been manufacturing trailers, truck beds, and other products since 2007. We are well known for our quality products and services.

Coyote Trailers

Our process starts with sandblasting, which is a form of powder coating. Sandblasting is a cleaning process that will remove any impurities and oxidation from metal surfaces.

Coyote Trailers

We use Zinc-rich primers to protect steel surfaces from corrosion.

Coyote Trailers

Unlike liquid paint, powder coat finish is a dry process. Finely ground particles and resin are electrostatically charged by a specially designed gun that sprays powder to the electrically grounded part. This positively charged spray sticks efficiently. The powder has an attractive, sturdy, durable, scratch-resistant, proven, cost-effective finish.

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